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Sunday, August 30, 2015

All Aboard?! Scott Walker Should Cancel State Trade With Communist China

"It's really ultimately about leadership." -- Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

JS Online Excerpt:
Greenfield, Iowa — As he continued to call for President Barack Obama to cancel a state visit for China's president, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker acknowledged Thursday he had not challenged the Communist country's leader when he met with him in 2013.

"Those are things governors should not be involved in," the White House hopeful told reporters at a stop in Greenfield, southwest of Des Moines. "When (Wisconsin state officials) do trips other places, we don't talk about foreign policy.

He's partly right. He wasn't in China to do foreign policy. He was there on behalf of Wisconsin to do trade policy.

But IT IS the governor's place to pause and review a trade mission he embarked on for his own state and say, "You know, in light of China's recent intrusions into the economy, their currency manipulation, human rights abuses, intellectual property theft and cyber attacks on our country, I as the Governor of Wisconsin cannot allow my state to honor their transgressions with any trade. Other American governors can honor them with trade if they so choose, but I won't."

Sure, you might think if he uses his executive state power to cancel those industry trade agreements, Walker would be sending a terribly wrong signal that Wisconsin doesn't honor contract law or business agreements

OK, that's being a little facetious. But think about how and why Walker unceremoniously nullified the train contract with the spanish company Talgo. To be quite honest, what wrong did Talgo ever do to Wisconsin or the U.S. to deserve such poor treatment from Walker? Did they steal intellectual property? Practice civil rights abuses? Cyber attack Wisconsin government computers? Nope. Talgo did not do a damn thing wrong.

Still others might think Walker would only be punishing his own people and state economy by cutting off China trade. But so what?

Remember that Walker thought President Reagan's most significant foreign policy statement was his decision to bust a 1981 strike of air traffic controllers, firing some 11,000 American workers. Who in the world would connect that to foreign policy? Well, Walker did.

Walker believes Reagan set the tone not just domestically but around the world by those dramatic punishing actions. Walker claimed that if you're willing to that to your own people on your own soil, it shows allies and adversaries alike that he (Reagan) was someone not to be messed with.

So, Walker is in a similar position to make a defining statement for his presidential campaign to allies and adversaries just like Reagan was in 1981. Instead of just talking or chastising others, Walker, if he has the courage of his convictions, should cancel all state government and B2B import/export trade agreements with China.

Because maybe some presidential candidate forty years from now might say that that was Walker's most significant foreign policy achievement.


Crooks and Liars - Scott Walker Says He Didn't Chastise Chinese President In 2013 Meeting

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Janesville LaborFest And Parade Canceled

Organizers of Janesville's LaborFest abruptly announced that due to unforeseen circumstances, all of the events scheduled for this year's festival are canceled, including the popular and well-attended holiday parade.

LaborFest Excerpt:
It is with great regret that Labor∙Fest must announce the cancellation of the 2015 Labor∙Fest events: the festival held on the property of UAW Local 95, scheduled for September 6th, 2015 and the Labor∙Fest Labor Day Parade, held in downtown Janesville, scheduled September 7th, 2015.

Seven years after General Motors pulled out of Janesville, this announcement comes as little surprise particularly more so with the added weight of a heavy-handed redstate government doing everything in its power to crush organized labor.

And right on cue, the folks in Janesville with union derangement syndrome offer their explanation at the Gazette.

Comment posted at the Janesville Gazette:
When I was younger I thought it really was about Labor. But it was pretty evident as I got older it was all about the UAW and unions. Now that GM is gone and UAW has dried up around here it's fitting that it fades to the past like GM and the GM mentality.

Fades? Shouldn't Labor Day be stronger than ever without unions? So, now is your chance, bro'hammer. Show us that Labor Day is about individuality, labor pride and workers and not about unions. Don't be shy. The parade route is all yours.

Comment posted at the Janesville Gazette:
We quit going a few years ago, when the union protesters ruined the event for a lot of people. They seem to think the event belongs only to them. Crowds got smaller each year, and it has turned into a "union only" event, where the republicans participating got shouted down and have signs stuck in their face. It should be no wonder that the children of these protestors, have no ideal what respect is.

Comment posted at the Janesville Gazette:
Obviously by your comments, you've in the past enjoyed, or at least observed, the parade. Instead of shaming (------- favorite word) the organizers, participants, or the event itself, step up and organize a replacement that displays the ideals you so proudly espouse in the work of all Americans at all levels. Seize the moment. It's your time to shine....


So where are the local elites from the Rock County 5.0, Forward Janesville and the Beloit Chamber? Aren't they supposed to show workers how Labor Day is celebrated without unions or organization? After all, it was their race-to-the-bottom legislation and donations to Republicans that turned Wisconsin into a sell-out red state fomenting further attacks on labor with right-to-work and Act 10.

Plus, we shouldn't need a wealthy sponsor or two to fund a simple weekend celebration either since area wage earners now have millions in excess dollars to throw around saved from no longer paying dues.

If the local right-wing redistributionists that brought us all of this prosperity, love and glory really believe themselves, they shouldn't think I'm being snarky here. Just put up and show everyone how Labor Day belongs to all workers and that unions, government or wealthy donors aren't needed for a simple labor festival. One at a time now. Don't trip over yourselves.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Explosive New Video! Walker Leads Mob To Attack Protester At Iowa Rally

Watch the attack in the video below on a person (checkered shirt) in the front row holding a sign beginning at the 20 sec. and continuing until the end.

Any candidate for public office would have verbally stopped the escalation by saying something like, "whoa, whoa there. I know the enthusiasm among supporters for my election campaign is high, but that's not how we as good citizens engage fellow Americans we might disagree with."

Any decent candidate would.

Watch the confrontation from a different angle below as Walker himself, just a mere few feet away, points out the man being groped by attackers ...and does nothing.

The second video however, also offers some credibility to the gossip that this event was staged by the Walker camp. You'll notice a man with an orange cap trying desperately to prevent (unplanned?) disruption in what could be seen as an effort to isolate the protester one-on-one with Walker for theater that in the end, shows a rejected and defeated opponent.

But staged or not, the fact that Walker pointed out the man, fueled the aggression, failed to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation and then coldly watched it for his political advantage is absolutely shameful.

Hat Tip to the Democurmudgeon's While Iowa Protester was Attacked, Walker Bragged he wasn't Intimidated!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Flip Flopped Profile Depicts Scott Walker Accurately

Scott Walker's current Twitter profile image (on the left, above), shows him wearing a hairstyle with the part line on his left and a thick mop covering any sign of his receding hairline. It's not a big deal but it is noticeable to those familiar with the balding middle-aged politician.

Of course Walker's new comb-over avi is the result of his image handlers either filling in the blank or flipping the photo horizontally, showing his left side as his right (Freudian Slip?). Or what I call "flipping the flop," in Walker's case.

But in all of its subliminal phoniness, I concede that it's a completely accurate profile pic for Scott Walker.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Did Scott Walker Finally Admit Wisconsin Is Gerrymandered?

Currently, the Wisconsin State Senate is comprised of 19 republicans and 14 democrats. The State Assembly is 63 republicans and 36 democrats. The seven member State Supreme Court leans 4 to 3 conservative. Scott Walker is republican and the state's attorney general, Brad Schimel is also a republican. Five republicans and three democrats comprise the state's eight member delegation in the House of Representatives. The state's two seats in the U.S. Senate however are split.

Yet, Scott Walker calls Wisconsin a blue state.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Government Needs More Money So Scott Walker Can Cut Taxes

“I’ve cut taxes by $2 billion, and I want to have more money to cut taxes,” Walker said.

In this article, Gov. Walker said giving $250M in public financing to a private-for-profit entity is NOT corporate welfare, implies he knows nothing about the Bucks owners although a stakeholder in the team, Jon Hammes, donated $150K to his super PAC and is now the current co-chair of his presidential fund-raising committee ...but Walker does know one of the Bucks owners is a major bundler of contributions for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and that acknowledgment he claims, nullifies any notion that politics or contributions played a role in his decision on the Bucks arena deal. WHEW!

Stop laughing. This is not Fox Cable News or the Onion.

The article is so good, I highly recommend that you read it for yourself and archive it, but don't blame me if your head starts to spin.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Popcorn Time! Hilarious Duo Defend GOP's War On Women

Whatever your views are on Donald Trump or Fox Cable News Channel, you've got to watch these two ladies speak their mind about the riff between Trump and Megyn Kelly. One delivers the punch lines while the other smirks and echoes. It is a near perfect piece of spontaneous comedy and reality all wrapped up in one.


NOTE: Retitled from "Popcorn Time! Hilarious Duo Defend Trump VS Megyn Kelly"

Friday, August 07, 2015

Anonymous Column - "Pass It On" #6

"Pass it on" is the new title replacing "Community Quotes" for my version of the Janesville Gazette's Sound Off anonymous column.

On Wage Growth In Janesville/Beloit Area
✦ Just to give you an idea on how things are in Wisconsin, wages grew 4.6% in the Janesville/Beloit metro area and that is listed as one of the top growth rates in the state, while state spending grew 15% during roughly the same period under Gov. Scott Walker. So Walker's state spending grew three times greater than that of wage growth in the state's fastest wage growth community! That can't be good news. Keep in mind that the wage growth statistic is heavily weighted in skyrocketing executive and CEO salaries. Yet even with the area's positive wage growth, Janesville/Beloit wages remain at about 10% below the national average.

✦ Locals are boasting about higher wage growth in the Janesville/Beloit metro area in a state that has seen the largest Middle-Class decline of any state and with no end in sight. Ummm ...OK. I guess any little bit of news about higher wages is great news anywhere in Wisconsin, a state whose governor recently restricted prevailing wage laws and doesn't see a purpose for the minimum wage. Savor the moment.

✦ Keep in mind this wage growth comes after the area hitting rock bottom soon after GM pulled out. Because of those circumstances, the wage growth rate statistically is not a good indicator to rely on for the area's economy, unless you're in the political propaganda business.

On Corporate Welfare For Milwaukee Bucks Arena
✦ I received a strange phone call the other day. The guy on the phone said there is $419 million, maybe more, waiting for me in my name and all I have to do is wire him 250 million dollars right now to expedite the money. He warned, "if you don't act right now, you could lose $419 million." I said, "Hey wait minute, is this a scam?" He said "no, this is Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin."

On Democrats Getting Rolled In The Bucks Arena Deal:
✦ What an embarrassment for Wisconsin Democrats. No strategy, vision or caucus unity to win the hearts and minds of Wisconsin voters. They missed a golden opportunity to push back against republicans legislative agenda when they gave them the Bucks deal for nothing.

✦ Dems should have asked for full repeal of two non-budget items passed during the 2015 budget sessions and demanded one major budget item serving the Wisconsin Idea in exchange for their votes in the Bucks deal. Call it log-rolling. Call it anything you want, but the legislature is for deliberations and that was the time to deliberate. If the GOP refused the amendments as expected, the majority-GOP legislature would have owned the Bucks leaving the state. But Dems are scared, detached and lack messaging.

✦ Very telling that no legislator spoke up against the corrupt Bucks deal despite some Dems voting against it. Voters want fighters in the legislature, not silent sheep.

✦ Wisconsin Democrats 5-point strategy for fighting the GOP/ALEC red state agenda:

✦ Whoever advised Wisconsin Democratic party and caucus leaders on the Bucks arena, the Republican party thanks you.

✦ Some folks think Wisconsin Republicans have overreached and will begin losing some state seats in the coming elections. Nonsense! If Democrats couldn't repeal some of the GOP's overreaching in exchange for the Bucks deal, how and why should voters?

✦ When the GOP pulled the Bucks arena out of the state budget, they gave state democrats a rare opportunity to show fight and principled leadership on what they stand for. They deflated ...miserably. Opportunities like that for a minority party in a gerrymandered state come along only once every 4-5 years. The column at the Lacrosse Tribune nailed it, democrats will be in the minority for a long time.

On Walker's Failed Budget Reforms
✦ GOP policies over the last four years in Wisconsin placed greater burdens on the middle class (see this) and working poor, while cutting tax obligations for the wealthy and political elite. When tax policy is your growth policy under those "tough love" conditions, and if eight percent revenue growth over the previous year is true, that means much more is being taken out of the pockets of those that have proportionately the least. In the long run, that will chill demand and is a recipe for greater wealth disparity and future economic decline.

✦ With an 8% increase in revenue, why did we hear "everything is on the table" from republicans to balance the state budget? If only local governments and school districts had the luxury of extra revenue like the central state statists apparently have, local budgets would be a breeze.

✦ Poor Art Laffer, his name betrays him.

On Uptick in City Spending For Propaganda
✦ Several years ago, the Janesville city council cut spending on the city's newsletter resulting in fewer publications. That was done to save money. But now I see the city found some new money and is paying the Janesville Gazette to publish city hall ads on their Web Site and in the newspaper. In addition, the crony-fund Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is posting ads in the local Janesville Gazette, when those ads should be in Rockford, Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and points beyond.

✦ I've noticed a sharp uptick of city taxpayer-paid ads in the Gazette lately. Those ads don't come cheap. Something must be in the works between the Gazette and the city. Watch for even more favorable pro-city government editorials and possibly a campaign by the Gazette to help the city ram through higher taxes and fees since your wages are on the increase. You watch my back, I'll wash yours. They'll win journalism awards for it.

✦ Shocker: The Gazette recently gave the city a "thumbs up" for rising tourism ad spending. LOL

On Downtown Janesville ARISE:
✦ See if I have this straight. The local business donor wing of Paul Ryan' and Scott Walker's political booster club want a progressive community for their own back yard, warn of a death spiral if we don't raise taxes and developed a downtown plan that is absolutely worthless unless it is heavily dependent on government for the long-term, and they call their proposal, 'ARISE.'

✦ We can always count on small government conservatives to call their government dependent community growth plan 'ARISE.' Government IS the great provider.

✦ Remember kids, instead of the local private sector growing their business expansions on the profit incentive of well-managed supply-and-demand economics, the only supply they gravitate first to are our tax dollars to provide the incentive to grow their business expansions. They're the circular people.

On County Sheriff Seeks Extra Money For Beloit Patrols:
✦ Wait a minute, Janesville gets five times less state aid per capita than the $457 collected by Beloit, yet Beloit needs $225K extra than budgeted to pay for police patrols. What is Beloit spending their windfall of state aid on? Hendricks Developments?

✦ Hell no. Wisconsin is a red state now. That means everyone buys a gun and protects themselves.

✦ By the way, where is Diane Hendricks on this? If she can throw $5M to Scott Walker for robbing the middle-class, she should be able to give some chump change back to the community.

✦ Take the $225,000 out of former city manager Arft's pension annuity since he's over-collecting from a system he complained that had higher wage and benefit standards for too many decades.

✦ The City of Beloit should ask Scott Walker for the extra money to pay the county. Walker’s budget spends 15% more than drunken-sailor Doyle’s last budget. The state can easily afford it.

Jackson St. Bridge Opening Ceremony:
✦ Finally a nice gesture from someone in the city administration to have Bill McCoy cut the ribbon for the new Jackson Street bridge. For years, McCoy and his supporters have been treated like trash by city hall apparatchiks and the media lynch mob. So it took someone with at least a partial brain to get past the built-in hate to understand that his efforts deserve recognition. A rare moment for Janesville authorities.


RNR - Pass It On #5 "Community Quotes"